Airbnb Cleaning
Our Premier Arbnb Cleaning Service – Saving your Time with Ease
Are you an owner of a property with Airbnb, or is it that you are planning to tie up with them for one?

Airbnb cleaning services that we offer cater to the growing need of grabbing the rental market of Airbnb that is spreading quite fast. Indeed, the Airbnb service offered by Cleanhouse Perth helps you to make the most of your hosting.

How you benefit from us?
  • We will make sure your property is at its best – trendy and clean – always!!
  • Our cleaning experts are adequately trained and qualified to clean as per the Airbnb standards
  • Our services are consistent and of the highest quality
  • Colour Coded cleaning with no cross infestation of bacteria in bathroom or kitchen
  • Customised option of including change of the laundry and linen, if and when required
  • We have a bulk contract with cleaning vendors. Hence, we canh restock supplies like toilet papers and soaps, dishwashing liquids and the likes without any problem.
How we help you bag return?
The remuneration of hosting properties with Airbnb can be inspiring, though it may take a lot! You need to manage and greet your guests, do all the marketing and promotion, manage all the booking and keep your property in perfect shape and condition!

Only when you showcase your property, you can expect a decent return. This is where Cleanhouse Perth makes the difference and helps you earn a return.

In short, with the little professional touch from us, we can help you enjoy a five-star review of your property, as you promote your property.

We have a 24×7 service platform and if you are looking to earn more revenues from Airbnb, give us a call! Cleanhouse Perth will be more than glad to help you out!!