Why should you trust Clean House Perth in House Cleaning?

We have been in the business for years, providing some excellent house cleaning services to meet the bespoke needs of our valued clients, with the help of the best tools, eco-friendly cleaning agents, using some innovative cleaning methods that yield the best cleaning results.

How long we take to clear your property?

The time taken by our specialists will strictly depend on the size, dimension and condition of your property. We take a minimum booking time of 60 secs. Our cleaners will give you an estimated time to be taken only after inspecting the property and the condition thereof.

What type of carper cleaning do we perform?

That depends upon the type of carpet to be cleaned. Generally, we do carpet shampooing, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning or steam cleaning.

What type of cleaning agents do we use?

The cleaning agents that we use are ‘green’ or eco-friendly and organic. It means they do not harm the materials of the carpet and pose no threat to the health of your family members in any way.

Why our intervention makes a difference in Airbnb hosting?

Airbnb wants its clients to be responsive, accept reservation requests, avoid cancellations, maintain a high overall rating. We help you to maintain the cleanliness of your property as per the Airbnb standards.

What is the advantage of hiring the Airbnb cleaning option?

Our professional Airbnb cleaning specialists are better equipped and trained to handle even the short-notice cleaning jobs, and are competent enough to handle last-minute additions as per Airbnb recommendations. Most importantly, we are covered by insurance.

Does our cleaning cost too much?

Not at all – all our services are pretty cost-effective and very much as per the market price. They are competitive, to say the least, and we have no hidden costs.